Brian Galian


Brian Galian has taken the position of being the newest member of the crew here at hope gallery,  he has been tattooing in southern CT for many years, starting in Bridgeport , in the mid 90's, serving an apprenticeship under Jim Naylor, owner of physical graffiti,  this was at the young age of 16 , and that is where all the inspiration to be an artist began , back then it was a true street shop environment,  and you were expected to tattoo whatever came in the door, actually using flash, and some tattoo machines designed  by a few the guys working at hope now. Tattooing in the Connecticut area, has made him a huge fan of all of the artists here at hope, seeing their carriers  take off has been a huge inspiration !!!   Cutting his teeth on their flash designs as a beginner,  and now working in the same space as them, he could not be more proud and exited to be working along side of the very people he has looked up to for so many years.