Book "Blood Puddin'" by Joe Capobianco

$ 40.00

The fourth full color publication by artist Joe Capobianco.

"Like the first three, this publication also a collection of my art, tattoos, and sketches. But with this book I'm hoping to really define my style with the "Capo Gal" and also define my thoughts on what I've come to call a “Blood Puddin’ Pin-up”. I've personally always had a love for classic Pin-ups, or “Cheesecake”. But as the years passed, my gals slowly became a bit more my style, and a little darker. The subject matter went from being very classic, to more modern, and sometimes even creepy. This book is filled with those gory gals and dark dames.

11” x 8.5”
128 pages

**Get your book personalized by Joe Capobianco with a sketch and signature for only $5 more**

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