Tattoo Machine "The Betty" Rotary by Joe Capobianco

$ 400.00

Classic Bishop Rotary function with Signature frame design by Joe Capobianco. Long stroke.

"For those familiar with a linear drive rotary, I think you'll like the smooth, precise, consistent action of its Swiss motor. Add that with it's balance (slightly different from the Bishop), and you've got one hell of a machine. " - Joe Capobianco

Available 4 ways:
Gloss Red Clip Cord
Gloss Red RCA Jack
Gloss Black Clip Cord
Gloss Black RCA Jack

"Over the years I've always kinda looked down on new and different style machines. I never thought that I'd ever move away from my coil machines, thinking that there was only one style of machine to work with, but after using a proper Rotary for the first time I truly could find no wrong. I hate to use the word 'effortless', but that is almost what it is like working with a good rotary machine.

Little to no tuning or adjusting is required and it will put you at ease knowing that it will run the same every time." - Joe Capobianco

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