"Clean East Rock" Volunteer Trash Removal with Christian Perez and Tiff Taylor of Hope Gallery Tattoo February 29, 2024 17:53

Our Manager Tiff will be celebrating her 10 Year Anniversary here at Hope Gallery and she couldn't think of a better way to celebrate then to host another volunteer clean up!
This will be a 2 part event.
The first will be held at East Rock on March 24th from 10am - 1pm.
Bears Smokehouse has once again been gracious enough to offer all of our volunteers lunch once the clean up has ended ❤
Since Tiff is one of the newest part time employees at New England Cider Company, she decided to join old and new and set up a second clean up. The details are still being ironed out on that one, but tentatively we are looking at April 7th at Hubbard Park. More information on that one to follow.
As you may or may not know, Tiff and Christian have been making a game of cleaning up litter from their local morning walk spots.
Once you start to see how much trash is laying around...it's impossible to unsee it!
East Rock has been one of the hardest for them to make a dent in on their own, so we're comin back with another group of amazing volunteers to see what we can do!
We will be starting at the top near the monument because we've learned that working your way down makes carrying the bags a bit easier.
If you have a wagon and grabbers....feel free to bring them!
You can stay on trail and have no problem finding plenty of litter....go off trail and there are stashes and treasures beyond your wildest imaginations.
We will provide gloves and trash bags to those who would like to join in.
True to their game, there will be a prize for the weirdest item found or most trash collected.
Diapers are an automatic win!
Once we've made it to the bottom, we will load up and head over to Bears Smokehouse who have been kind enough to provide free lunch to all those who take part!
We will have vouchers ready for you.
Christian and Tiff will handle sorting and disposal.
They try their best to recycle as much as possible.
Less in the landfill the better 🙂
Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
hopegallerytattoo@gmail.com or text 475-434-1760
We are excited to be bringing this event back and to host a new one in a new area!
Please let us know if youd be interested in teaming up and tackling the trash in a location of your choice.
We hope to see you there and as always, thank you and have an amazing day!